Cisco CUCM: Ringtone conversion


Did you ever needed to some song or piece of music to be available as ringtone on a Cisco IP phone? I've always used Audacity for audio manipulation, so here's a handy résumé for the settings you can use. There's some documentation about the format of the ringtones, but it's pretty hard to find - and there are two formats to take into account. While the older phones (79xx-Series) support only narrowband, the newer generation (88xx, 89xx, 99xx, 78xx) are capable of playing ringtones in a 16KHz quality called "wideband".


The file name being responsible for enumerating all the ringtones available to your phone is called Ringlist.xml.

Encoding G.711 µLaw
Byte order Big-Endian
Channels 1 mono
Sample rate 8000 Hz
File extension .raw


The list file for wideband ringtones is Ringlist-wb.xml.

Encoding 16bit unsigned
Byte order Little-Endian
Channels 1 mono
Sample rate 16000 Hz
File extension .rwb

Cisco CUCM: Find phone with wrong external phone mask

Cisco CUCM: Find phone with wrong external phone mask

Ever had users reporting that the wrong phone number is displayed when placing calls towards the PSTN?

In CUCM, you are currently not able to filter phones or lines by its external phone number mask.

With a bit of SQL magic in an CUCM SSH session, you can.

SSH with user admin into your CUCM cluster's publisher and type the following SQL command (replace <PHONEMASK> by the mask you want to search for):

run sql select, device.description, numplan.dnorpattern from devicenumplanmap join device on device.pkid = devicenumplanmap.fkdevice join numplan on numplan.pkid = devicenumplanmap.fknumplan where e164mask = '<PHONEMASK>'

The output is pretty straightforward

name            description                              dnorpattern
=============== ======================================== ===========
SEP000000000011 Description of phone 1                   111111
SEP000000000033 Description of phone 3                   111112
SEP000000000044 Description of phone 4                   111113
SEP000000000055 Description of phone 5                   111114

Now you can navigate to the device/line to correct the wrong external phone number mask.

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